Here's The National Sentinel's Morning SITREP for June 20, 2018.

What we're watching: 

Uh-oh. Sales of existing homes slipped in May by about 0.4 percent after analysts polled by Reuters forecast a 1.5 percent increase. What does it mean? In the current economy, maybe nothing. Could just be a blip on the radar, given that economic growth forecasts for the remainder of the year look strong and we continue to cruise along at full employment. But Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has signaled there is another rate increase coming, in the neighborhood of a quarter-percent, which will make borrowing more expensive again (for consumers and the federal government which is servicing a $20 trillion-plus debt.

Why it matters: 

POTUS Trump and Republicans will live on in the majority if the economy continues to do well. If not, they won't. And isn't it interesting than throughout Obama's eight years rates only began to creep upward beginning in December 2015, during his final year in office? If we didn't know better, it sure seems like the Deep State is plotting to tank the economy to sabotage POTUS and Republicans.

What else: 

Trump threatened GOP lawmakers on Tuesday that unless they provide full funding for his proposed border wall -- $25 billion -- in the FY2019 budget, he'll allow the government to be shut down in September. If you recall, Trump was angry about being forced into signing the last budget bill which he said spent far too much on programs and agencies he wants to cut or eliminate. He got his massive defense budget increase but that's about it. He vowed then he'd never sign another bill like it, and frankly, we believe him. Official Washington will bluster, Democrats will complain, and some Republicans will openly worry about a shutdown so close to the November elections, but we believe it won't affect the president's support one iota. 

Bottom line: We believe this is a battle POTUS Trump can -- and will -- win this time.


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